Scott Adams' Dilbert-Books

The Dilbert Principle (Das Dilbert-Prinzip) 1996
Is your CEO's office plastered with Mission Statements and "change" initiatives?
Does your boss confuse his laptop with an Etch-A-Sketch?
Are you asked for status reports on status reports?
Have bonuses been replaced with novelty items inscribed with the corporate logo?
Are idiots promoted because they have good hair?
In a world of TQM, reengineering, and empowered secretaries, Dilbert has become the poster boy of corporate life. Millions of office dwellers tack Scott Adams's comic strip to their walls when murdering the boss is not an acceptable option.
In twenty-six provocative, illustrated chapters, Scott Adams reveals the secrets of management in every company, including:
- Swearing your way to success
- Faking quality
- Business plans : world's greatest fiction
- Trolls in the accounting department
- Humiliation as a management tool
- Selling bad products to stupid people
- And more!

Harper Collins (1996/Hardcover) 0-88730-787-6
Boxtree (1996/Paperback) 0-7522-2470-0
Moderne Industrie (1996/Hardcover) 3-47835-630-X
Heyne (199/Paperback)

The Dilbert Principle (Das Dilbert-Prinzip) 1996
In The Dilbert Future, Scott Adams dons his soothsayer's robes and turns his piercing eye (and trenchant wit) to subjects as diverse as technology, the workplace, elections, the battle of the sexes, drive-through pet-care, and the possibility of intelligent (or stupid) life on other planets. Human nature remails essentially unchanged, the immutable principles of stupidity, selfishness, and horniness continue to be our guides - much as today, but with more advanced technology.
With his keen grasp of social dynamics he daringly predicts key developments in every part of the futurescape. For instance...
- in the future, life definitely won't be like Star Trek
- there will be a huge market for technology products that help workers skive off and still get paid
- your clothes will be smarter than you
In The Dilbert Future, it will become increasingly obvious that your competitors are as clueless as you are
In The Dilbert Future, it will be easy to find customers who are gullible enough to buy any product, no matter how worthless and stupid it is
In short, it's time for Nostradamus to step aside.
The Dilbert Future is a mind-boggling blend of farce and fact that plays our social hot buttons like a piano, leaving the reader gasping in both wonder and hilarity.

Harper Collins (1997/Hardcover) 0-88730-866-X
Boxtree (1998/Paperback) 0-7522-1161-7
Moderne Industrie (1998/Hardcover) 3-47836-010-2
Heyne (2000/Paperback) 3-45316-933-6 (angekündigt 10/00)

The Joy of Work (The Joy of Work) 1998
Office Prank #44 : Sounds that drive your co-workers crazy
You can produce sounds in the office that will drive your co-workers insane. That can be very entertaining. Every co-worker is different, so you might have to experiment to find the sounds that are most annoying to your cubicle neighbor. It's worth the effort.
Boxtree (1998/Hardcover) 0-7522-1199-4
Boxtree (1999/Paperback) 0-7522-1720-8
Moderne Industrie (1999/Hardcover) 3-47836-300-4