Bringing up Baby / Leoparden küßt man nicht
Comparison between the new US Warner Special Edition and the old German Kinowelt Disc

Warner has restored Bringing up Baby for the new RC1 disc - the new transfer still has some faint nicks and scratches, but otherwise looks fantastic. The old Kinowelt disc is based on an old television transfer which aired on ZDF sometime in the mid-90s - it shows slightly more on the top of the frame, but the picture seems to be a bit tilted to the left. Because the movie has only been available in a cut version in Germany, the "restored" TV version added a few scenes which were presented with subtitles - which are still burnt in on the DVD, even if you switch to the english soundtrack. The german print also has completely different opening credits. Needles to say, the new Warner DVD is absolutely superior to the old Kinowelt disc.

Warner (2005) Kinowelt (2000)